XELLA Intention Leggings - Magenta Heize


  • cotton-like fabric soft like baby clothes

    The fabric woven with uniform and high density of thin fibers has a structure similar to cotton, so it gently wraps your body when wearing it. Also, you can wear it without irritating your skin with a slightly acidic fabric.
  • XELLA, active wear with toughness

    Active wear should be stronger than any other clothing as it is worn in various aspects of our daily lives. XELLA has a soft texture and a strong durability that doesn't break down easily even with various movements.
  • Sportswear needs to be strong from sweat

    It absorbs sweat quickly and dries up, so you can exercise comfortably.
  • A light, airy, volky yarn

    The loop forms a fine air layer between the yarn with a fabric structure similar to the cotton, which helps with more energetic movement because it is light and soft compared to the weight.

Drive your colourful energy



    Added Power net mesh fabric inside of a waistband for tummy control and nice body shape. The Power net fabric is thin hut flexible and moisture-wicking. Softly cover your waist.

    The long triangle pattern is made with double-layered fabric, It covers from any smudge that you worried about.
  • Raises your hips, holds your thighs, and shapes your body

    By strengthening the tension of the spandex, you can experience the upgraded body shaping function by the added delicate three-dimensional pattern to the more solid elasticity.
  • Triple details for zero-waist curls

    To minimise the rolling of the waist from the inside to the outer, incision lines were given to both the front and back of the waist, and the length of the linings were different. By inserting a micro-band inside, it exerts force on the waistband and minimises sagging after wearing it.
  • It sticks to your skin like it's your skin! Minimised in sewing lines

    The front center and side sewing line has been removed to cover the Y-zone, and you can wear it comfortably. Experience a skin-like fit.


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