XEXYMIX Seamless T - Nude

Meet Xexymix Seamless-T. The Ultimate sports underwear your body will love.


  • Silky and Smooth Texture

    Densely woven on both sides, giving ever soft touch feeling, as well as high elasticity and shape restoration.
  • Flexible 4-WAY STRETCH

    Using soft and flexible 4-way stretch fabric, giving zero pressure on sensitive body parts, allowing freer movement for various activities.
  • Higher Comfort with Instant Absorption

    Lined with 100% pure cotton, the instant moisture-wicking keeps you comfortable all day.
  • Sleek and No-Show

    No stitches, no-show. Snuggly fit on your body and invisible under your leggings.
  • Firm waistband

    Double layered waistband prevents it getting stretched out. Firmly fixed on the waist, with excellent elasticity snuggling your body with no uncomfortable pressure.


  • Introducing Xexymix Exclusive Seamless T-panty for sports.
  • Minimizing the exposure of panty line, this seamless underwear is the perfect pair for your leggings and activewears.


Sale price $16.50
Regular price $20.00
Sale price $16.50
Regular price $20.00
Sale price $16.50
Regular price $20.00