Black Label Signature 330N Line Pocket Leggings - Shade Navy



  • Premium Active Line

    Black Label is a premium active line created based on numerous researches done by more than 100. Yoga/Pilates instructors and experts.
  • Double Side Knitting

    Manufactured for professional activities, our black label is made with light and thin high-gauge fabric on both sides to emphasize its softness and non-see-through texture.
  • Durability

    A fuselage pattern is applied to the fabric that helps to hold the body firmly and allows maximum completeness of body movements.
  • Excellent Activeness

    Black label is constantly developing products suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities from yoga, pilates to running, swimming and other high performance activities.


  • How do you feel the opposite two qualities at the same time, solidity and softness. The signature 330 fabric is perfect for any performance because of its tight texture and excellent recovery and elasticity.
  • Double-sided knitting. It's a lining knitted that covers the body like a slip, providing a fit like wearing stockings, and the outer fabric of a soft touch shows a silky soft texture.
  • Thin but not see-through, tight knitwear, high-gauge and high density so that it can be worn without being see-through.
  • The glossless luxurious fabric of 330N creates a fascinating and luxurious colour by mixing FULL-DULL material that absorbs light.

Mesh pockets on both sides for your comfort during workouts


  • When you work out, use both hands freely. Mesh pockets on both sides. It has pocket details with double mesh on both sides that allow you to easily and safely store small belongings such as a cell phone or wallet, and make your active mood stand out with the material.
  • Signature 330N has a unique zigzag stitch in the waste that is only applied for XEXYMIX designs preventing the waist area to be rolling up. It keeps your waist tight, and the abdominal pressure naturally increases your workout effectivity by supporting to maintain a straight posture.
  • The correction power that keeps the abdomen fat tight, and the feelings of light but tightly compressed fabric makes the bumpy flab comfortable and smooth without over-tightening it. The extra body shaping effect is enhanced by the lines on the leggings.
  • It sticks to your skin like it's your skin! Minimised in sewing lines. The front center and side sewing line has been removed to cover the Y-zone, and you can wear it comfortably. Experience a skin-like fit.


Black Label Signature 330N Line Pocket Leggings - Black
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XEXYMIX Black Label Signature 330N Line Pocket Leggings - Shade Navy
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Sale price $65.00
Regular price $80.00
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