Air Bounce Shirring Short Sleeve - Directoire Blue (Clearance)

Air Bounce Shirring Short Sleeve

2WAY StyleAir bounce shirring short sleeve

Create various look with one item!You can make 2WAY styles by tight or release the string that perfectly inserted on the side.


  • My Style, My fit. Free adjusting with the SIDE STRING

    Create 2WAY styles using the side string. Just tight and release to find your own fit everyday different at the whim of the day.
  • MOVE x2! SIDE SLIT will help your movement

    Side slit at the bottom on the right side will make your movement easier and help you to focus on the position.
  • NECK LINE will stay still even after multiple laundry

    Neck line is finished strongly with the tape inside to make it unchangeable. See how the outfit is neat and clean like a new!
  • Eyecatcher point, LOGO is the symbol of XEXYMIX

    We put XEXYMIX logo at the end of right sleeve to add brand identity.

AIR BOUNCE, It is a double-sided fabric. The outside is an anti-wrinkle finished fabric with quick absorb. The inside is a pique structure fabric for cooling and air permeability.You can enjoy various styles with the side string. For sweaty sports or For summer, You'll always feel fresh!


  • DOUBLE SIDE MATERIAL is daily but functional

    It has crumple-proof outside and pique structured inside to deliver you a cool and soft touch. You can try this functional t-shirt even for you daily look since it has less sporty feeling but still efficient.
  • COOL COMFORT fabric will keep you refresh

    Hot summer and the sweaty exercises are no longer your enemy. This fabric will give you a refresh feeling with the cool touch and cool-comfort function that absorbs and evaporates sweat quickly.
  • Perfect supportable ELASTICITY for every performance

    Enjoy whatever performance you willing to do with the amazing elasticity that adhere to the body lightly and softly.
  • Whole day neat SILHOUETTE with strong durability

    You will see how it stays whole day in a same look supported by its fabric that has incredible durability to be uncrumpled.


Air Bounce Shirring Short Sleeve - Directoire Blue
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