Black Label Signature Life 6.5 Leggings - Charcoal Gray (Clearance)

Black Label Signature Life 6.5 Leggings

Tight fit

Best for all sports and water activities


  • Black Label Signature Life meets 6.5 Length

    The fabric from all day wearable 'SIGNATURE LIFE' now meets 6.5 length to be suitable for both TALLER and SHORTER.
  • First time ever for leggings, Waistband will never rolling down

    We perfectly blocked the waist rolling with XEXYMIX original zigzag stitch. It will pressurise your waist and stomach to keep you in a good posture for your activity.
  • Completely, Compactly Shaping flabby belly

    Perfect shaping flabby belly not too squish with the compressed light and tight fabric.
  • No pain, No floating. It’s seamless but super osculated

    Seamless design with stretchy fabric and tight wearability are supporting legs compactly.
  • Completely natural body shaping by the cutting lines

    Hip lifting with the V-cutting line at the back, and legs look longer with the U-cutting line at the front.
  • Simple design comes with the LOGO play

    The Identity of XEXYMIX, vertical text logo creates cute sporty mood.

Black Label Signature Life, It is a double-sided knitted fabric that gently covers the entire leg. So, you wear it smoothly without any clogging.



    SILKY soft lift fabric have both dense texture and supple elasticity. Snugly wrap around the skin so that you can do whatever posture that you want.
  • Highly FRESH and FUNCTIONALdouble-sided cotton

    The lining that touches the skin is woven into a cooling yarn to easily control body temperature even after the performance. Its UV protecting function will protect you from the sunlight.


Black Label Signature Life 6.5 Leggings - Charcoal Gray
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