Black Label Signature 360N Backless Bra Top - Ivory (Clearance)


  • Wide arm-hole line for freedom & movement

    Plenty of snace around the armpit and shoulders for freedom & movement.
  • Elastic waistband detail to help workouts

    A wide and stretch band for structural security.
  • Crop slim fit for evervday wear

    Minimalistic crop tank top fie that is comfortable and undetectable under clothing.
  • Cooling with Mesh texture

  • Elastic band

A top goes with any bottoms you have


  • Cotton Like

    It's soft and adheres to the skin with a texture similar to cotton.
  • Resilience and Formation Stability

    Stretch in all directions helps achieve clean active movements.
  • Quick-drying and cooling fast

    It absorbs sweat quickly and dries up, so you can exercise comfortably.


Black Label Signature 360N Backless Bra Top - Ivory
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